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Bit Win Partners has been created by industry veterans who have decades of experience behind them. BitWin is a new online casino that offers players a fun and safe environment to play and win!

Start earning with us today. How to earn money? Bring us the players the best way you know how, and we will take care of them to ensure a long-lasting relationship, with lifetime deals and great earrings! We treat our players the best way we can, and this is the same treatment you will get from the best affiliate managers.


BitWin Casino Partners Commissions

Your commissions are based on the number of players you send us. Just bring them to us thebest way you know how, and we’ll take care of the rest with a great gaming experience, generous bonuses, exciting promotions, and a loyalty program that’ll turn them into VIPs ... and you’ll be with us for the whole ride because we offer lifetime commissions. We’ll start you at a rate of 30% and that’ll rise to a highly competitive 45%. If one of your players hits it big, no worries. There is no negative carryover, so you and your referrals start with a clean slate each and every month. Here’s the breakdown.

Revenue Share
up to 0 - 20 FTD
Revenue Share
up to 21 - 50 FTD
Revenue Share
up to 51 - 100 FTD
Revenue Share
up to 100+ FTD

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